Success Story:

E-commerce Advertising Success Story

“Partnering with NewBreak to advertise my online jewelry shop has left me impressed by the power of their self service ad platform. My ads were successfully converting new customers with a low CPM and CPC. When scaling up the campaign, CPA remains within our target range. Moreover, NewsBreak team’s exceptional support has been invaluable, offering assistance every step of the way, from troubleshooting to identifying the best offering optimization and creative suggestions."


Cost per click




Customer acquisition cost reduction

Campaign Objective

Bring The Love, an online accessories brand, was looking for cost-effective new channels with massive reach to acquire new customers. They turned to NewsBreak's target CPA (cost per acquisition) solution, with the goal to increase online sales.

E-commerce Advertising Success Story


Bring the Love leveraged target CPA (Cost per acquisition) bidding strategy to drive sales within their desired range. With the proper conversion tracking, NewsBreak optimized the campaign to reach audiences more likely to convert within their target CPA. The brand formulated a creative strategy that highlights the customization of personal meaningful relationships and celebratory aspects behind their jewelry products. By incorporating a call to action, such as 'click to shop now,' into the copy, they achieved a remarkable 1+% click-through rate (CTR).

Insightful results

Throughout the duration of the campaign, NewsBreak Ad Manager reporting tools and account managers enabled the brand to conduct comprehensive performance reviews and make data-driven optimizations.

By optimizing creatives, implementing proper conversion tracking and target CPA (cost per acquisition) bid strategy, Bring The Love successfully acquired new customers from NewsBreak with a 24% lower than other platform’s CPA.

Encouraged by these exceptional results, Bring The Love plans to continue their partnership with NewsBreak to further accelerate their growth.

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