Success Story:

Grand Opening Success Story

"Partnering with NewsBreak to digitally advertise our new property - Hidden Meadow at Somers - led to a productive and easy working partnership that met our campaign goals and expectations. This was a great media investment for us, and one that I look forward to continuing in the future."


Local impressions reached


Units sold/pending since campaign’s live

Campaign Objective

A branding outreach campaign targeting NewsBreak users in Kearney Realty & Development Group’s key New York counties, promoting our Hidden Meadow at Somers Grand Opening Sales Event.

Grand Opening Success Story


Create a compelling native ad featuring Hidden Meadow at Somers grand opening. NewsBreak both optimized the 10-day ad campaign toward prime click engagement and drove targeted website traffic. This generated buyer leads and showing appointments with our realty agents.

Insightful results

Advertising on NewsBreak’s app from their Ad Platform garnered solid click thru rates, reached our precise geo targeted regions, and produced a lot of buzz surrounding our grand opening. Our event turnout was excellent and was just one of the key factors in our decision to continue working with NewsBreak on future advertising campaigns. We also loved:

  • NewsBreak’s great customer service
  • Their fair campaign CPMs
  • The excellent ad layout

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