Success Story:

DFO Global Performance Commerce

"Partnering with NewsBreak has been a game-changer for DFO Global Performance Commerce. Their ad platform allowed us to efficiently market our e-commerce client’s products, their age-targeting feature was invaluable for reaching our desired demographic. With a Target CPA strategy, we achieved an impressive 10-15% decrease in CPA compared to other platforms we’re on, providing a consistent and reliable channel for reaching our audience."




Clicks in Q3 2023


Decrease in CPA

Campaign Objective

DFO, a company specializing in helping e-commerce clients increase sales and revenue while reducing CPAs, leveraged NewsBreak Ads to enhance sales for seasonal offers, expand the reach of evergreen offers, and test new products for their clients. The campaign objectives were to achieve a Target Cost Per Acquisition (tCPA) goal.

DFO Global Performance Commerce


The campaign utilized unlimited native ad placement with image creatives showcasing products such as a portable AC and a mini telescope explaining their benefits and how they could improve customers' lives. The campaign strategically targeted a senior demographic and centered their bidding strategy around Target CPA, which consistently delivered the best results and optimized cost. Most notably, the ability to fine-tune campaign settings, for example, day parting and audience segments, was a standout feature, enabling the brand to narrow down on what worked best for their offers.

Insightful results

Measuring campaign performance against DFO’s Target CPA was their yardstick for success. With NewsBreak, they saw a 10-15% decrease in CPA compared to other advertising platforms they run campaigns on.

NewsBreak's performance remained consistently steady, providing a reliable avenue for reaching their target audience. DFO is excited to continue testing diverse products and growing their partnership with NewsBreak.

NewsBreak Advertising

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