Success Story:

Real Estate Advertising Success Story

"Partnering with NewsBreak to advertise my new listing blew my expectations out of the water. My first ad was so successful that I immediately decided to run two more campaigns. And the NewsBreak team was there to support me every step of the way, identifying the best ad placements, offering optimization suggestions, and helping me to build my ad creative. It was a seamless process, and I look forward to continuing my partnership with NewsBreak to both best serve my existing clients and to attract new ones."


Local impressions over 3 campaigns


More listing views than


Homes sold

Campaign Objective

For all three of my campaigns, I wanted to drive maximum awareness to my listing and schedule as many showings as possible. With that in mind, I maximized my impressions for a 2-week period before offers were due, and provided contact information to schedule showings. I wanted to keep my ad simple and highlight key features of the home, the neighborhood, and pricing info. From there, interested buyers could reach out to me to schedule a showing.

Real Estate Advertising Success Story


Create a fun and professional ad campaign featuring key selling points for the home and photos that would grab the user’s attention. I wanted to bring increased awareness to the home before offers were due, so I set a 2-week campaign with a large budget. I worked closely with the design team on my ad creative. Together, we were able to highlight not only the great homes I’m listing, but also myself as an agent. I was able to include photos of the home, photos of myself, and my contact information, all in 1 creative.

Insightful results

The results over-exceeding all of my expectations. The first home I ran an advertisement for received over 100,000 views and easily sold. I chose to use my listing page for the click-through link and it resulted in doubling the views I received from Zillow and increasing the views from thirteen times over.Overall, my clients and I were very happy with the performance. Plus, someone called me after seeing this ad and even though I had sold the home in question, I was able to sell him another home I was listing at the time. This incremental client was all due to one ad.

The second ad I posted was for an $895,000 home in Seattle and it sold within a week of posting. I utilized the new ‘app welcome ad’ and was ecstatic to see that 20% of people who saw the ad clicked to view my listing, resulting in over 1000 clicks in under a week.

I recently posted my 3rd home on NewsBreak and can’t wait to share the results! :)

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