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Our user-friendly platform optimizes your ad spend and ROI through smart targeting. We deliver users who convert, boosting your business affordably.


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Our ad business was built with a singular purpose: connecting your brand with hyper-engaged locals. 


Create powerful campaigns in no time flat

Preview your ads as you’re building them so you can see exactly what they’ll look like to customers.


More than local news & info — NewsBreak connects communities

Make every ad dollar go further with our suite of tools designed to ensure your brand gets visibility with the right people, helping your business and community thrive!

Maximize ROI with Target CPA and Max Conversion Bidding

NewsBreak blends smart technology and proprietary local data to optimize your campaign for conversions rather than impressions, ensuring your ads find their maximum local audience without breaking the bank.

*Note: traditional CPM/CPC bidding is also available. Please contact us to learn more.  

Precision targeting & exclusive first-party data

Once we’ve identified your audience, your ads will run everywhere those users go in the NewsBreak app, based on their own personal interests.

Zero in on your key demographics with precision. NewsBreak's advanced targeting capabilities allow you to engage specific age groups, genders, languages, and more, ensuring your ads reach the most relevant audiences for your business.

Leverage our contextual targeting to seamlessly match your ads with local news, ensuring a meaningful connection with your audience. Boost engagement and drive better results by reaching consumers within the context of their community interests.

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ads in a few easy clicks

In just one minute and three easy steps, your ads will start being delivered to hyper-engaged NewsBreak users.

Support from leading
advertising experts

Experience unparalleled support every step of the way with NewsBreak. If you ever have any questions — before, during, or after a campaign — simply schedule a call with one of our advertising experts and we’ll answer them.

Ad formats that go further

Our premium ad formats ensure your campaign drives the highest possible engagement on and around our platform.

Reach your audience with an ad format that looks and behaves like the news content they’re already reading.

A powerful display unit that’s embedded within premium publisher articles.

Engage your audience with native creative inserted within the most relevant headlines of the day

Unlock the full potential of video advertising with NewsBreak's engaging in-feed and immersive formats, designed to captivate your audience and drive better results

Elevate your advertising with NewsBreak's captivating carousel ads, featuring multiple images or videos to showcase your brand story and engage users in a dynamic, interactive experience

Go beyond the NewsBreak app and make a memorable impression with newsletter ads! Read by millions of daily subscribers, NewsBreak’s local newsletter reaches locals who love getting headlines sent straight to their email inboxes.

Whatever your goal, achieve it on NewsBreak

Here are just a few examples of how other businesses across the nation use our platform to get noticed and drive results:

Grand Openings

New Awards

Hiring Locals

New Product Offering

New Press Releases

Promotions / Sales

New Service Offering

Share Customer Success

Community Events

DFO Global Performance Commerce

DFO Global Performance Commerce

DFO Global Observed 10-15% decrease in CPA Across Multiple Products When Compared to Alternative Advertising Platforms

"Partnering with NewsBreak has been a game-changer for DFO Global Performance Commerce. Their ad platform allowed us to efficiently market our e-commerce client’s products, their age-targeting feature was invaluable for reaching our desired demographic. With a Target CPA strategy, we achieved an impressive 10-15% decrease in CPA compared to other platforms we’re on, providing a consistent and reliable channel for reaching our audience."




Clicks in Q3 2023


Decrease in CPA

E-commerce Advertising Success Story

E-commerce Advertising Success Story

Bring The Love saw 24% lower customer acquisition cost on NewsBreak

“Partnering with NewBreak to advertise my online jewelry shop has left me impressed by the power of their self service ad platform. My ads were successfully converting new customers with a low CPM and CPC. When scaling up the campaign, CPA remains within our target range. Moreover, NewsBreak team’s exceptional support has been invaluable, offering assistance every step of the way, from troubleshooting to identifying the best offering optimization and creative suggestions."


Cost per click




Customer acquisition cost reduction

Local Hiring Advertising Success Story

Local Hiring Advertising Success Story

Hire Locally with NewsBreak Advertising

"Partnering with NewsBreak to advertise our employment needs exceeded our expectations and opened our eyes to new advertising possibilities. I am greatly appreciative of the NewsBreak platform, the adops / service team always being there to answer my questions, offering optimization strategies, and ultimately ensuring success in my campaign. This was a great investment for us, and one that I look forward to continuing in the future."


User engaging clicks


Quality applicants


Full time fulfilled roles

Real Estate Advertising Success Story

Real Estate Advertising Success Story

13X More listing views than

"Partnering with NewsBreak to advertise my new listing blew my expectations out of the water. My first ad was so successful that I immediately decided to run two more campaigns. And the NewsBreak team was there to support me every step of the way, identifying the best ad placements, offering optimization suggestions, and helping me to build my ad creative. It was a seamless process, and I look forward to continuing my partnership with NewsBreak to both best serve my existing clients and to attract new ones."


Local impressions over 3 campaigns


More listing views than


Homes sold

Grand Opening Success Story

Grand Opening Success Story

Business uses NewsBreak to advertise hyperlocal grand opening

"Partnering with NewsBreak to digitally advertise our new property - Hidden Meadow at Somers - led to a productive and easy working partnership that met our campaign goals and expectations. This was a great media investment for us, and one that I look forward to continuing in the future."


Local impressions reached


Units sold/pending since campaign’s live

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